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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your OPENING HOURS?

We are open for business Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5.00pm.

What types of EQUIPMENT do you repair?

We only service the products listed on the Services page.

Do you carry out WARRANTY REPAIRS?

Yes, for all listed products and when accompanied with a valid proof of purchase. Depending on price, some products may be deemed by the manufacturer to be replacement only.

What is a valid PROOF OF PURCHASE?

This must be a valid receipt of purchase from a store, internet or otherwise, or a stamped and dated guarantee card, or in some cases a credit card statement when an identifiable item is listed.

How much will an ESTIMATE cost?

Our GST-inclusive fees are:

Digital still and movie cameras $60 (bring in) OR $75 (courier)
Mirrorless/G series cameras $90 (bring in) OR $100 (courier)
G and S series lenses $80 (bring in) OR $75 (courier)
DVD/Blu-ray recorders and players/Home theatre $55
Microwave ovens $45
LCD and OLED Televisions

$75 (if brought into workshop)

Broadcast and professional equipment $150 (bring in) OR $175 (courier)
Projectors $115 (bring in) (for courier returns price depends on size)

Please note: Freight will incur additional costs.

Can I SEND you my camera?

Yes. We recommend you send your camera via signature-required courier

Please ensure you provide us with your name, return address, email address and description of fault.

Please ensure equipment is adequately packaged. We don’t usually require accessories unless you think these are related to the fault.

What types of PAYMENT do you accept?

We accept cash, EFTPos, Visa/Mastercard or direct debit.

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